Starting from our hotel you can visit the most important monuments of our country, see the treasures that the museums of our region hide, but also enjoy the many beautiful beaches that you will find in a short distance for all tastes.

Rafting in Arcadia from Nafplio

Just two hours driving from Nafplio through the mountains of Arcadia you can find one of the most beautiful rivers in Greece, River Lousios, ideal for rafting throughout the year. Lush vegetation, small waterfalls, arched bridges, canyons and birds are just a few of what one can admire in the two-hour trip on the inflatable boat. On the arrival at the end point enjoy a one-hour hike through dense vegetation, ending up to a wonderful waterfall.

Photo Tour in Nafplio

Nafplio is widely known as an ideal photographic destination of Greece. Venetian balconies, castles, turrets, arcades, canons and many other spots are only a few of what we can capture through a perfect photographic angle. Regardless the quality of our camera and the level of knowledge, professional photographer undertakes to teach us the secrets of our photographic camera, while learning and practicing the art of landscape, street and architecture photography.

Cooking Class in Nafplio

From the ancient times until now, the Greek food culture has been associated with their extrovert social dimension, combining nutritional satisfaction with communication and entertainment. In this excursion, we enter in the sanctuaries of the Greek cuisine and we cook Greek traditional recipes. Either you are a professional chef or you are just fond of the art of cooking and good food, having as your mentor our experienced local chef you get to know the Greek gastronomy.

Wine tour in Nemea

Visit the endless vineyards of Nemea, the place where Hercules killed the lion and performed the first of his 12 labors, and taste the secrets of wine and winemaking. Learn about the Nemean games at the archaeological site of Nemea and its stadium and then visit a local winery and a traditional vinegar production unit (or depending on the period a second winery) and taste unique varieties of wine, accompanied by Greek delicacies. Meet their producers and discuss with them the details of wine-making in the Greek land.

Hiking Tour in Nafplio

Argolis is an ideal place for those who love hiking and trips to unfamiliar routes. Ancient paths through archaeological monuments, coastal hiking trails overlooking the blue waters of the Argolic Gulf on the one hand and the fortresses of Argonafplia on the other, give the opportunity to each hiker to experience the whole range of Greek landscape and Greek history, while admiring the wealth of Greek nature.

Horse Riding in Nafplio

Whether as a sport or as a hobby or simply for experience, horse riding is super exciting, offering great chills of excitement. Every aspiring rider can test its skills in riding and experience the first basic steps of contact with the horse in a safe route. Experience a one hour riding through traditional villages, olive and orange groves overlooking the beauties of Argolis. A unique getaway that definitely should be experienced!

Sea Kayak in Nafplio

Argolis Gulf is an ideal destination for sea kayaking lovers. Starting from the beautiful harbour of Nafplio, follow the coastal Acronafplia and be enchanted by the magnificent view of the 3 castles of Nafplio, remote beaches, picturesque landscapes and inaccessible bays. Qualified and experienced instructors accompany you in all this beautiful trail, offering you all the necessary instructions and equipment, to ensure the best and safest rowing in the beautiful scenic coastline of Argolis.

Beekeeper for a day

Wear the beekeeper's costume and visit the bees in their natural environment. Get in the beekeeper's workshop, learn the secrets of beekeeping and taste local honeys and Greek sweets based on honey!

Food Tour in Nafplio

A different taste of Nafplio! Walk to the most beautiful sites of the old city of Nafplio, learn their history and along with the city tour discover hidden culinary treasures. Get in carefully selected food shops and, depending on each period, taste some of the finest delicacies, cheeses, wines, coffees and ice creams available in the city.

Cycling Tour in Nafplio

Starting from Palamidi Castle ride a bike and discover the beauties of Nafplio and its surroundings. Bike downhill, visit a long sandy beach and enjoy a traditional picnic. Hike for a while next to the sea to visit a cozy chapel and bike back to Nafplio accompanied by an amazing view of Argolic Gulf.

Ouzo and Honey Tour

Learn the secrets of Greek honey and distillation. Visit a local distillery store, learn the characteristics of the famous Greek ouzo and tsipouro and taste traditional local distillations. Then visit a traditional honey workshop where its owner, a beekeeper, reveals the way that the beehives are maintained and harvested. Wear the beekeeper’s uniform to admire the magical world of the bees in their natural environment and taste unique Greek honeys and traditional sweets based on honey.

Olive Oil Tour

The olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean food chain, which has been proved to be a model of a correct and healthy diet and longevity. Argolis is a place rich in olive trees and olive oil production. Walk in olive groves, visit a traditional olive mill, learn the secrets of Greek olive oil and the stages of processing the olive fruits into pure olive oil. The experience ends by tasting unique varieties of olive products, like pure olive oil on fresh bread, fruits of olive, sweets and traditional olive liqueur.

Tour to Mycenae, Anc. Corinth, Corinth Canal and Epidaurus from Nafplio

This one-day tour is designed to discover the quality beauties of Peloponnese, which is considered to be the center of the ancient world. Here is the place where ancient Greek mythology meets Greek history, where the myth of Hercules was born and developed. The Corinth Canal and the ancient Corinth with its museum, the famous Mycenae and the ancient theater of Epidaurus with perfect acoustic are waiting for us to recount their rich history and to travel us back into the past.

City Walking Tour of Nafplio

Welcome to Nafplio! Live an unforgettable experience in the first capital of Greece that is considered to be one of its most beautiful and romantic cities! Walk in the picturesque alleys of Nafplio, visit the most popular sites and experience its best parts with a local tour leader. Look for traces of Franks, Venetians and Ottomans in the architecture of the city, while enjoying the scents of basils and jasmines that surround the city and its castles.

Tour to Mycenae and Epidaurus From Nafplio

Take a journey through time and discover the region’s ancient history and its culture through the years. Explore the remains of the ancient city of Mycenae a major centre of Greek civilization from 1600BC to 1100BC and visit the world heritage listed city of Epidaurus with its spectacular amphitheater, an ancient place of healing and culture, and enjoy at the same time the wonderful and picturesque natural scenery of the region.

National Gallery- Department of Nafplio

The neoclassical building where the gallery is held, houses a collection of works of art dedicated to the liberating cause of the Greeks against the Turks (Th. Vrizakis, F. Margaritis, Dion. Tsokos, N. Gyzis, Nik. Lytras and more) which underlines and provides the aesthetic element to the historic note of the city of Nafplio.

War Museum

Located in the area where the first Army Cadet School were. The Museum is a directive of the history of the Army Cadet School and that of contemporary history of the Greek state.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is accommodated in the imposing in size as well as strict in symmetry, stone-built Venetian structure which covers and encases the central, Syntagma Square on its west side.

ancient theatre of Epidaurus

Τhe ancient theatre was constructed by the architect Polykleitos. Τhe theatre πραισεσ for its symmetry and beauty. At a maximum capacity of 13,000 spectators, the theatre hosted music, singing and dramatic games that were included in the worship of Asclepius.


Mycenae 'Rich in Gold', the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon, first sung by Homer in his epics, is the most important and richest palatial centre of the Late Bronze Age in Greece.


The low hill of Tirynth, in the 8th kilometer of road Argos-Nafplio, was continuously inhabited from the Neolithic Age to Late Antiquity.


The fort on the sea, which has remained known by its Turkish name 'Bourtzi', meaning tower, has become Nauplion's trademark.


The fort of the Palamidi, which has been preserved in excellent condition, is one of the greatest achievements of Venetian fortification architecture.


Sandy beach with bars and taverns in various parts of the beach.

ancient Asini

Right next to Tolo. Smaller and secluded beach with pebbles.


The beach consists of fine to thick pebbles with sandy bottom.


Clear and deep water with fine pebbles. About 15' by car from our hotel.


A tourist resort with a sandy beach and plenty of dining, drinks and gift shops.


Thick pebble in the center, rocks at edges of where the access to the sea is with small metal ladders. The nearest beach in the city of Nafplion. Accessible on foot.


Sandy organized beach with shallow water, just 5' drive from our hotel. You can find bars and a tavern along the beach.

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